Happy New Year to you all ! Thank you for stopping by…


We are excited to announce, that we are in the process of bringing SugarChef to new heights with the Gardens of Bagatelle and are working on a new updated version of the website, that should be up very soon and be much more functional and inviting.

We are also in the process to move to a new, much more representative location In Delray Beach, where we will have our boutique and consultations.

We have also started to work on new recipes and our new menu should be shortly available, reflecting some changes… definitively with a French touch. 

We would like to thank you on behalf of the new SugarChef team/The Gardens of Bagatelle for your patience and understanding during our transition and move.


Our new location will be at: 851, SE 6th. Avenue Suite 110, Delray Beach, Florida   561-808-6257


Our boutique will not be open to the public on usual business hours.

Please call before visiting, so we are always available to welcome and serve you in style.

Thank you!  Have a wonderful sweet Day!